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Providing small animals, plants, education & supplies to help you grow your own food

Welcome to F
ree Rangers Farm! 

Everything we grow is done as natural as possible using Permaculture principles on 3.35 acres in North Central Florida. 
Our goal is to help you grow your own food by providing animals, plants, supplies, information and services.
We hatch and grow many of our own critters and plants, and through our network with other farms,
 we can offer a larger variety to meet your needs.  
This website is update routinely to keep you up to date with tips, techniques and the latest trends.
Comments, ideas and suggestions are always welcomed.
Please be sure to sign our Guest Book and let us know your thoughts.
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We hatch and raise many birds-chickens,
 ducks, geese, heritage turkeys, guinea fowl, quail and emus. We also raise meat rabbits and goats. 
We do not use growth hormones and only medicate when an animal is sick.

Where & When
Visits to the farm are available by appointment when we are not at a local Farmer's Market. Please check our schedule to know where we will be each week on the
Market page. 


We have many critters and plants available for sale at the farm or at one or more of the several farm swaps we attend. 
Also find out what is in the incubators
waiting to hatch.


Our gardens include incrEDIBLE plants…. used for culinary & medicinal purposes.  We do not use chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. We grow our plants using Permaculture principles.

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